D Goldline Ltd is a jewellery business concentrated in manufacturing jewellery trademarked with the Maltese Cross: from pendants, bangles, earrings, rings to even lapel pins and cufflinks. The jewellery manufactured by our company comes in 925 Sterling Silver and in White and Yellow Gold, in both 9Kt and 18Kt. The company took over the manufacturing arm of Goldline Ltd. Goldline Ltd has been operating in the Maltese market for the last forty-eight years.

This company is a small family run business with the main focus of producing good quality jewellery with particular attention to jewellery representing one of our historic symbols, the Maltese Cross, once associated with the Knights Hospitaller (Order of St. John) and, up till today, by extension it is associated with our country, the island of Malta. The business was run by the first generation of the Desira brothers, a collaboration that started in 1971. The knowledge attained by these men through hard work and experience, helped in creating a professional and trained work environment, by also introducing the second generation of the family to this business.

Today the company also employs around nine people, from salespersons, people who look after the finance and stock management together with the men who keep this business running, those that do all the hard work in order to manufacture the jewellery, taught by the same Desira brothers through the years. This is what makes this business a unique one in Malta, as this might be the only running business which manufactures their own jewellery, also because similar companies, unfortunately, had to close down.

The company is well-equipped to manufacture good quality jewellery, all of which stamped as per regulations stipulated by the Maltese Consul (il-Konslu ta’ deheb), and to supply all the jewellery to other local jewellery shops around Malta and Gozo.

D Goldline also own a shop in Mdina, Maltese Falcon Jewellery, for these last twelve years having a good reputation and a good clientele. In 2014 the Desira brothers and two other workers came first in the competition ‘Craftmanship Maltese 2014’. It was their first experience in this competition and managed to win the first prize. They made the Theatre Square, the old Opera House in filigree. They worked on this project for 10 months a total of about 1,400 hours. The project took a lot of time. The theatre is made of 925 sterling silver. The model weights 6.2KGS.



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